Building Demolition

Shed Moving & Hauling

  1. What are the types and sizes of sheds you can haul?

    Easland has experience in moving sheds of all sizes. Please contact us with your shed's dimensions - Length, width and height. Also it is helpful to know the manufacturer of the shed or if it was custom-built. 

  2. How does weather affect my shed move?

    In general, for a succesful move, the ground cannot be too muddy or soft. Springtime moves can be subject to ground conditions. A site inspection is recommended in such conditions.

  3. What if there are shrubs or trees around my shed?

    To properly move the shed, the truck and trailer need to back up to the shed without any obstructions. If there are obstacles directly behind the shed, the obstacles may interfere with the backward tilt of the shed when loading.

    Please see our SHED LOADING PRE-CHECK diagram on our CONTACT US tab, and call if there are any questions.

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Building Demolition

  1. Can Easland demo my old shed, garage or outbuilding?

    Easland is a master demolition expert, licensed by the State of CT, and has experience in demolition of small to medium outbuildings, structures and houses. Contact us for a quote on your demolition project.

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